Cervaggio's Judith Beheading Holofernes

Facebook Allows Beheading Videos

Facebook has categorically ruled against posting depictions of graphic violence and gore to your Facebook wall in the past, but they announced a reversal today.  The new policy is under the heading “Graphic Content” in the Community Standards page, and it reads as follows:

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Mashup – The Beatles / Joan Jett / Cypress Hill / House of Pain / RATM

Absolutely brilliant mashup from DJ Faroff. The opening cut at around 10 seconds is a little harsh, but stick with it. This is a complex, silky smooth mashup after that point. John Lennon and Cypress Hill just fit perfectly. For more of this kind of mashup you can find DJ Faroff’s web page at http://djfaroff.com/


Quando você tá em uma festa e não aguenta mais ouvir aquelas mesmas músicas, tudo que você quer é algo novo, certo?

Que tal um Mashup de The Beatles / Joan Jett / Cypress Hill / House of Pain / RATM.

Sim, essa galera toda ”mais ou menos” em uma música só !

Escuta aí.

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bart wastes time online

5 Ways to Waste Time Online While Facebook is Down

  1. Make popcorn and surf on over to Reddit’s /r/iama subreddit to watch the fur fly as the conservative pundit lightening rod troll Ann Coulter does an interview with the Reddit community.  Reddit has been gearing up for this for at least a week, and rumor has it that 4chan might be getting in on the act.  This potentially explosive event could possibly pit the greatest troll queen in the world against the over sensitive liberal nerds of Reddit while 4chan’s greatest warriors zerg rush everybody.  Not to be missed, it begins today at noon, EST.  Update:  It has begun.  Let the games begin!
  2. Watch Titicut Follies for free on YouTube.  It is a documentary expose on the Massachusetts Correctional Institution in Bridgewater, and has the distinction of being the first film ever censored by the US government for something other than obscenity, immorality or national security.  It was banned for reasons of privacy, or to be more realistic, it was banned for making the hospital look terrible.  They deserved to look terrible, though.  The film is a bit disturbing, but it’s an important piece of film that should be watched by more people.
  3. Not into documentaries?  How about some good old fashioned gore, set in a cyberpunk dystopia?  Watch Dredd on Netflix.  I know, it looks like another horrible Hollywood reboot, but it’s not.  I like it better than the Stallone’s original Judge Dredd, and I loved that movie.  The new Dredd is the most underrated movie I’ve seen come out in a long time.
  4. Try to wrap your head around why Saudi Arabia doesn’t want a seat on the UN Security Council.  I don’t understand why this happened at all.  I’m glad they aren’t on the Security Council, but I don’t understand why they would not want to be on the Security Council.
  5. Play a Super Mario Brothers mashup flash game!  (you really think I’d make a list like this without at least one mashup?)  You can play Mario Brothers as Mario, Link, Samus, Simon, Mega Man or the Contra guy (does he have a name?).  That should keep you busy for a while.

Facebook is Down!

I had problems posting status updates on Facebook, so I ran CCleaner to clear my cache, logged in to Facebook again and got this message:

Facebook Down Message

So I ran a search and found out that Facebook is indeed down, which is a shame, because I was about to post this video about sociopaths to my friend Steve’s page, because it makes me nostalgic for drinking at a local college pub with him.  We used to have fun accusing each other of being sociopaths.  I know, I really should try to find more productive hobbies, but time you enjoy is never time wasted.

Anyway, if you want to keep up with me and my unproductive (possibly psychopathic) hobbies just watch this blog.  One of the best reasons to keep a blog is as a backup for when other social networks fail.  If Facebook and Twitter went under tomorrow my friends could all find me here if they wanted to, by my real name.

face of mercy

Smash Bros Documentary Released

Smash Bros fans are gonna love this.  Eastpoint Pictures just released a Smash Bros documentary named The Smash Brothers, and I love it.  It was funded by a kickstarter about a year ago.  The Smash Brothers explores Smash as a serious eSport, which it is now, even though it was never intended to be an eSport.

This is the first documentary I’ve seen that explores an eSport in the current era of eSports.  I mean, things like Beyond the Game was a great documentary for 2008, but that’s 5 years old now.  We are in a different era.

The Smash Brothers has been released on YouTube in 9 parts.  I’ve embedded the first episode below, but you can find the entire thing in a playlist here.

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Keith ‘Cowboy’ Alexander Admits He Lied About the NSA’s Accomplishments

Keith ‘Cowboy’ Alexander is the head of the NSA, and the center of the Senate inquiries into the NSA’s unconstitutional spying.*  In the past, Alexander claimed that the NSA foiled 54 separate plots with their surveillance.  He now admits that was a lie.  The number is closer to 13, and not all of those 13 were even plots… or were even foiled at all.

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