See The Full Database Without Logging In!

My last blog post was about privacy concerns on  I posted it to the subreddit to get some feedback, hoping things might not be as bad as I thought.  Turns out, they probably are. could be sending our information out to Facebook and Twitter and Apple, but they might also be sending information the other direction, giving health insurance companies and god knows what government agencies access to your Facebook, Twitter and G+.  I’m not sure which end of the equation is worse.  Either the government and my health insurance company are digging through my Facebook wall or Facebook is digging through my health insurance and medical records.  Either way, this is not good.

On top of that, the security is a joke!  An hour or so ago a subreddit was formed to publicize the url of the health insurance plans database, where you can view and export a complete listing of health insurance plans offered on without signing in!  That is one way to protect your data, I guess… never give them your email address when you are just shopping around.  I exported it into an 11 MB CSV.

You all know what that means… it’s time to break out the old SQL manuals and take this database apart, do some statistical analysis.  What do you think I should cross-reference with this data set?  I wonder what states have the most expensive and least expensive monthly premiums?

This data set could keep me busy for weeks.

Edit:  You can get a list of Navigators and their information here, in case you want to contact a Navigator and don’t have their information (I know I wasn’t able to find them when I looked).  If you want a list of all databases you can find from, go here.  They have a database for dental insurance as well. database database on my computer, accessed at 1:36 AM on Oct 23, 2013


2 thoughts on “See The Full Database Without Logging In!

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