Facebook is Down!

I had problems posting status updates on Facebook, so I ran CCleaner to clear my cache, logged in to Facebook again and got this message:

Facebook Down Message

So I ran a search and found out that Facebook is indeed down, which is a shame, because I was about to post this video about sociopaths to my friend Steve’s page, because it makes me nostalgic for drinking at a local college pub with him.  We used to have fun accusing each other of being sociopaths.  I know, I really should try to find more productive hobbies, but time you enjoy is never time wasted.

Anyway, if you want to keep up with me and my unproductive (possibly psychopathic) hobbies just watch this blog.  One of the best reasons to keep a blog is as a backup for when other social networks fail.  If Facebook and Twitter went under tomorrow my friends could all find me here if they wanted to, by my real name.


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