5 Ways to Waste Time Online While Facebook is Down

  1. Make popcorn and surf on over to Reddit’s /r/iama subreddit to watch the fur fly as the conservative pundit lightening rod troll Ann Coulter does an interview with the Reddit community.  Reddit has been gearing up for this for at least a week, and rumor has it that 4chan might be getting in on the act.  This potentially explosive event could possibly pit the greatest troll queen in the world against the over sensitive liberal nerds of Reddit while 4chan’s greatest warriors zerg rush everybody.  Not to be missed, it begins today at noon, EST.  Update:  It has begun.  Let the games begin!
  2. Watch Titicut Follies for free on YouTube.  It is a documentary expose on the Massachusetts Correctional Institution in Bridgewater, and has the distinction of being the first film ever censored by the US government for something other than obscenity, immorality or national security.  It was banned for reasons of privacy, or to be more realistic, it was banned for making the hospital look terrible.  They deserved to look terrible, though.  The film is a bit disturbing, but it’s an important piece of film that should be watched by more people.
  3. Not into documentaries?  How about some good old fashioned gore, set in a cyberpunk dystopia?  Watch Dredd on Netflix.  I know, it looks like another horrible Hollywood reboot, but it’s not.  I like it better than the Stallone’s original Judge Dredd, and I loved that movie.  The new Dredd is the most underrated movie I’ve seen come out in a long time.
  4. Try to wrap your head around why Saudi Arabia doesn’t want a seat on the UN Security Council.  I don’t understand why this happened at all.  I’m glad they aren’t on the Security Council, but I don’t understand why they would not want to be on the Security Council.
  5. Play a Super Mario Brothers mashup flash game!  (you really think I’d make a list like this without at least one mashup?)  You can play Mario Brothers as Mario, Link, Samus, Simon, Mega Man or the Contra guy (does he have a name?).  That should keep you busy for a while.

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