Harrisburg Community Supported Art Project

On Sunday I went to the local Harrisburg CSA Soiree.  It was a get together for people to learn about the local CSA program, which is a great way to support local artists in the area.

The soiree was fun.  There were some tables with art from local artists and a DJ spinning some electronic music in the corner.  I talked tech with the DJ a bit, he was fun.  I wish I remembered his name.  I also ran into Meisa, who is an old friend of mine from high school and one of the CSA organizers.  She explained how the CSA is based on some very successful local Community Supported Agriculture programs, and how cities like Pittsburgh have a very successful, well known ongoing CSA campaign.  Different CSAs work differently, so she explained how our local Harrisburg CSA works:

  1. You buy a share for $150.
  2. You get a pick up date and place in your email.
  3. Show up at your pickup and get two pieces of art from any of a dozen or so local artists.

Meisa told me that if you aren’t in the Harrisburg area you can still buy a share, but if you want them to ship the art to you then you will have to pay for the shipping.

Here is the Harrisburg CSA’s blog post explaining the details.

CSA Flier


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