Google Using Your G+ Posts in Ads

Google Plus is now going to use your G+ posts in ads.  Have you ever seen a good movie and posted about how much you love it, or ate at a restaurant and posted about how great it was, just to tell your friends?  Now those posts will be used as endorsements.  They will be sold to advertising agencies by Google, so that they can use your posts in their ads, and you won’t see a dime from it.  If you were a professional athlete or a movie star you would be given a nice pile of money for such endorsements.  Since you aren’t, well, they can just take your posts and use them however they like, including in ways that generate money for everybody but you.

I have no problem with social networks having some kind of ownership of what I give them.  What I have a problem with is them selling it to the highest bidder and cutting me out of the equation.

The only solution is to start posting more negative things.  Post only about bad things.  If you do post about how great something is make sure to accompany that with a statement like “and Hitler did nothing wrong.”  Let’s see them put that in their ad words money printing machine.


One thought on “Google Using Your G+ Posts in Ads

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