“It’s All Your Fault” Bollywood Satire Makes Fun of People Who Blame Rape Victims in India

Rape is a serious problem in India, with police harassment of victims and courts unsympathetic to rape victims.  It’s so bad that women are starting to use single sex taxis and parks to avoid men in public.  A recent case where 4 men brutally gang raped a woman on a public bus in broad daylight has become a call to arms for Indian feminists.  The case involved a girl being beaten with an iron rod, then penetrated with it so savagely that her intestines had to be surgically removed before she died in the hospital from her wounds two weeks later.  A new high profile gang rape case starts Monday, against 4 men who brutally raped a photojournalist.

To add to the conversation about this problem, some Bollywood actresses made a satirical video where they sarcastically talk about how rape is all women’s fault, to lampoon the police and judges who like to blame women for rape.  The simulated attacks and wounds in the video make it a little more visceral than I expected, but in this case, visceral is appropriate.

The only actress I was able to identify was Kalki Koechlin.  I don’t know who the other one is.  If you know who she is let me know in the comments. (seems ironic that the male production team was credited in the comments but the actresses were not).


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