Politicians Are Not Dadaists (they just act like they are)

I found this gem from surfing freshly pressed. The argument here makes a lot more sense than it should. We should probably start looking to art critics to explain politics, rather than pundits.


The best way to understand current political occurrences in the US may be to imagine that one of the major political parties has secretly been hijacked by a band of mischievous Dadaists bent on using the halls of power as a stage for a particularly insane piece of performance art. Perhaps the real political leadership is not vested in media or a particular individual but rather lies with Tristan Tzara whose brain may be preserved in a jar somewhere from which it directs the goings on with hilarious intent and horrid consequences. Maybe it is wrong to think that the US government has become a terrible joke, maybe it is just a piece of truly bizarre performance art.

But, probably not.

Though Harry Reid may enjoy hurling the term “anarchist” at the Republicans as if it is an epithet, the fact is that the GOP is not full of anarchists…

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