Elisabeth Warren on the Government Shutdown

Elisabeth Warren cuts through all the twisted rhetoric in congress and explains the government shutdown situation perfectly.  I hope she runs for president.

The Republicans want to talk about opening monuments, but big carved rocks don’t matter as much as the CDC shutting down or the FDA shutting down or NASA shutting down or people unable to get food stamps .  This shutdown is estimated to be costing us $12.5 million dollars per hour in economic losses, and that figure compounds as time goes on.

My conservative friends like to try to counter this by saying that government employees are unproductive.  That understanding of productivity and economics is absolutely wrong.  Productivity is a metric that does not care if you personally like what is being produced or not.  The economy doesn’t care who you work for, the economy just cares that you have and spend money.  Missing a day of work might mean you won’t go out to eat this week, which hurts local restaurants a little, but missing a month of work denies income to almost everybody you buy things from, and it could make you homeless, which hurts your banker or landlord’s income and the income of all the people they do business with.  This isn’t some abstract political game the Republicans are playing.  They are hurting people.


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