Mashup Monday

I don’t name this blog Time Slipped for nothing.  This Monday we are all over the map, bouncing from the current top 40 to 90s pop, 80s rock and 80s religion, 70s activism and ending up back in the 1930s with a little Glenn Miller electroswing.

“Nothing Compares to Wrecking Ball” by Robin Skouteris
Miley Cyrus vs Sinead O’Connor
Very topical right now

“Revolution Uber Alles” by The Who Boys
Dead Kennedys vs Gill Scott Heron
Video by Marc Campbell of Dangerous Minds

“It’s Fun To Smoke Dust” by DJ Lobsterdust
Queen vs Pastor Gary Greenwald
Video by Dan Rutherford

“Glenn Miller – Hooked on Swing” by The Swing Bot
Glenn Miller vs The Swing Bot

(OK, it’s a remix not a mashup.  Just listen.)


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